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No 9 Annual Published 1972

Price of Book when first published !


Picture Stories Page
Desret Revolt 5
The Manxman Returns! 17
Tough of the Team 26
Master of the Bats 41
Raiders Harbour 49
Mister Roly-Poly 65
An Elephant Never Forgets! 71
The Gorgonzola Special 81
Winged Messengers of the Secret War 97
The Pillow Champ 121
Gold Fever 33
The Fight of Forgotten Punches 58
Flight Into Danger 89
Who Wants to Rob the Bank? 113
The World on the Warpath 2 and 126
The Navy's Air Force 77
Tips from the Tough 92
The Trail-Blazers 111
A Question of Sport 112
The Flying Porcupine 120


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