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No 12 Annual Published 1975

Price of Book when first published 55 Pence


Picture Stories
The Pigeon The Won the V.C 5
The Tough of the Track 9
Morgyn the Mighty  17
The Drainpipe Destroyer 25
The Jalopy with a Jinx 33
Killer Kennedy R.N 41
Escape for the Red Assassin 49
Spalshdown to Danger! 65
The Hammer Man 73
Fred Kay's Crazy Railroad 81
Gorgeous Gus 86
Son of a Slave 97
The Flying Cowboy 107
Kenny Carter's Kayo Kids 116
Night Run to Fort Luton 58
Chipper's Time Machine 94
The Age of the Ironclad 2 & 126
The Ruffies and the Tuffies 24 & 105
Quck Quiz 32
Goal! 60
Guardians of the Mountains 62
Toad-in-the-Hole 64 & 112
The Sea Shall Not Have Them 72
Sports Quiz 96
It's a Funny Old World! 106
Your Eyes Tell You Lies! 113
Build a Battle Gun 114

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