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1964 Victor Book for Boys Annual - Front

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No 13 Annual Published 1976

Price of Book when first published N/A


Picture Stories  Page
Press on Regardless! 5
Kenny Carter's Kayo Kids 11
The Coward of the fighting 43rd 17
The Tough of the Track       25
The Vickers Platoon 33
The Backwoods Battler 49
Is it Cricket? 57
Hunters of the South Seas 65
The Military Misfit 75
Georgeous Gus 81
Killer Kennedy R.N 89
Big Fight at Camp 13 101
The Hoodo on Aircraft X 113
The Fastest Gun in the West 118
A Message for Mike 44
Drop into Danger 98
Friend or Foe? 2
Figaro 16&73
The Country Cuzzins 43&97
Badges of the Brave 46
Games they Used to Play 74
Sports Quiz 80
Here Come the Paras! 100
The Victor Motor Bike Scramble 110
Ever Been Had? 112

Top Notchers of Today


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