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No 17 Annual Published 1980

Price of Book when first published 1 pound 20 pence


Picture Stories Page
Morgyn the Mighty 6
Dean's Last Drive 17
The Tough of the Track 25
Killer Kennedy 33
The Hammer Man 44
The Secret War Of Pasty White 49
Trask Of The Texas Rangers 57
Joe bones - The Human Fly 65
Rocket Revenge 75
Disaster Delaney 81
The P.C's Number Was nine! 89
The Floating Flarepath 97
The Hit Man 108
The First Carriers Strike 113
The Hot-Air Hussars 117
The Battle of Britain 2
Figaro 24, 56, 80 & 112
It's a Crazy World! 32
Alf Tuppers's Athletics Quiz 42
Football Funfare 74
Wheelspinning Wonders 106
The First Thousand Bomber Raid 126

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