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No 21 Annual Published 1984

Price of Book when first published 1 Pound 95 Pence


Picture Stories Page
Escape From El Santos 6
Bring Back the Guns! 15
The Hammer Man 17
Canal Courier 28
Wings of the Legion 33
The Tough of the Track 40
A Fistful of Gongs 49
No Escape! 52
Cadman - The Fighting Coward 57
Mr. Pilgrim's Pupil 66
The Snatch 76
Morgyn the Mighty 81
Braddock V.C. 89
Pirates of the Java Sea 98
The Bell Tower 108
Flying High! 113
The Battling Bulldog 118
The Jervis Bay's Last Battle 2
Megaman ' 84 - Is It You? 26
Sporting Smiles 38
The Great Victor Sports Crossword 65
Football Fun 75
Identity Parade 97
Can You Beat The Puzzle King 116
The Sinking of the Scharnhorst 126

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