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No 22 Annual Published 1985

Price of Book when first published 2 pounds 20 pence


Picture Stories Page
The Tough of the Track 6
Joe Bones - The Human Fly 17
The Hammer Man 25
Send For Saxon! 34
Hounded Down! 44
The War Cats Of Kublai Khan 49
Cadman - The Fighting  Coward 57
A Date With Death 65
Morgyn The Mighty 72
The Hero Of Mafeking 81
Ambush! 85
Fortunes Of War! 93
The Full-Back Nobody Knows! 97
What A Way To Spend Christmas! 105
Manhunt! 113
Lumsden Of The Guides 122
The First V.C. 2
Who's Who? 16
The Victor Christmas Crossword 33
Sporting Smiles 43
Photo Quiz 70
It's A Wacky World! 92
The Plough-Yoke Warriors 121
The Last V.C. 126

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