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No 26 Annual Published 1989

Price of Book when first published 2 Pounds 95 Pence


Picture Stories Page
The Tough of the Track 6
Cadman - The Front-line Coward 17
Fight to the Finish! 27
Tail-End Charlie 33
A Tale of Two Stars 39
Wally's Island 49
Rearguard 60
Morgyn the Mighty 65
The Card Trick 76
The Wars of Harry Smith 81
The Old School Tie 89
The Hammer Man 97
The Great Conker Battle 107
The Leap of the Long Lances 113
The Eyes of Iya 120
A V.C. for the Tanks 2
Figaro 16, 59, 88, 106
Victor Sports Crossword 22
It's a Wacky Wordl 75
Photo Quiz 86
Sporting Smiles 112
Take of the Kings 119
Cosens of the Queen's Own 126


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