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No 3 Summer Special Published 1969

Price of Summer Special when first published 1/6d


Picture Stories Page
Cover 1
Tricks and Teasers 2
For You The War Is Over 3
The Tough Of The Track 5
Here Come The Commandos 8
The One-Flight Wonders 9
Lets Go Fly A Kite 11
The Red MacGregor 13
Paddle Your Own Canoe! (Board Game) 16
Fire-Raisers Of San Pedro 18
Before The Guns Roared 20
Cecil The Stone-Age Scrapper 22
Brigands Of Britain's Skies 24
Doyle Of E-Boat Alley 25
The Riddle Of Tiddlers Ground 28
How's That 30
Flying Windmills 32

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