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No 4 Summer Special Published 1970

Price of Summer Special when first published 1/6d


Picture Stories Page
Cover - Bale Out 1
The Man with the Donkey -
In April 1915, during the First world War, bitter fighting took place, when the allies landed on the Turkish-held Gallipoli Peninsula. Casualties were heavy and the stretcher-bearers risked their lives to bring the wounded. Most famous of all these life saving teams consisted of a tall, hard bitten Australian and a small, grey donkey.
The Tough of the Track -
Alf Tupper, the runner known as the Tough of the Track, was running in an invitation 1500 metres race at the White City stadium in London. He was leading from Julian Pasonsby as they approached the final straight, but then bad luck struck....
Bale Out -
In 1942, during World War Two, Flight Lieutenants Ross Douglas and Harry Vernon were patrolling over the coast of France in Spitfires when they were jumped by five German Messerschmitts.
The Red MacGregor -
The Red Macregor, the most famous of the outlawed clan, and his two comrades, Frenchman Laughing John and Englishman Hal o' the Heath, were constantly being pursued by the English Redcoats. One Redcoats who was too busy to bother about them, however, was Major Rupert Hayhow, a man with a terrible temper. At this time he was dealing out punishment to an erring cook.
Chained to a Killer -
Georgia State Penitentiary in America, in 1935 was not a pleasant place to be, but that's just where Chuck Forester found himself after unwittingly becoming involved with some crooks. now Chuck faced the remaining nine years of his sentence and, to make matters worse, when he was assigned to the chain gang he found himself chained to Butch Hogan, a killer, and the man who put Chuck in the pen.
Superstitious Sam -
Sam Smallpiece, a middleweight boxer, was the world's most superstitious fighter. But Dame Fortune, whiling smiling kindly on Sam, frowned on almost everyone else who came into contact with him- and especially on Maxie Bowley, Sam's long suffering manager. Now, Sam was to fight "Battling" Nelson for the Eastern Area Championship and Sam and Maxie were on their way home after the weigh-in.
Neilson in the Floating Mine -
During the Second World War, Captain Tom Neilson of the Royal Marine Commandos was the man in charge of a British secret weapon. This was a one man submarine which looked exactly like an ordinary sea mine. One mission near the end of the war took Neilson and his mine to the Pacific, where he was posted aboard a British mine laying submarine attached to the American fleet.
The Spears They Fear -
In 1885, a British garrison held Fort Zuma in West Africa. The fort was besieged by Ashanti tribesmen bent on wiping out the garrison. also in the fort was Trader Garstang, a merchant who had sought shelter, and Pastor Boateng, and educated Ashanti who was a missionary. Lieutenant Mulliner, the garrison commander, had sent a messenger to try and get through the Ashanti hordes for help. But as they waited, a lone Ashanti warrior crouched in the undergrowth.
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