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No 5 Summer Special Published 1971

Price of Summer Special when first published 10pence


Picture Stories


Hostage of the Diamond Diggers –
Joe and Ellis Marsh were two brothers who had been granted  a license to prospect for oil in the diamond rich Kaokoveldin South West Africa. The prospectors were guided by young Shiwa Sands and his friend, a Kalahari bushman called Tipu…..


The Footballers Wore Feathers -
Southmoor City, who were the Football League Champions and F.A. Cup Winners, owed much of their success to their manager, Bertie Swift. Bertie had one big fault however – he could not resist a challenge. This was why Southmoor were now in South Africa finishing a series of challenge matches against local and national teams.


Sergeant Samsons Scrapbook -
Sergeant Sampson was in charge of a section of Police dogs and their handlers. It is said that dogs and their masters grow alike. Well constable Wally Tucker and his dog Rab certainly has one thing in common – A huge appetite!


The Sultan of Osmandela -
During the Abyssinian Campaign in 1941 during World War Two, the Italian Air Force pilots in East Africa were exceptionally proud of their smart appearance. By way of contrast, the young pilots of No 3 Squadron, South African Air Force, were an untidy lot. Captain Frost the Commanding Officer felt this informality helped morale.. One day Frost was resting in a tree.


The Tough of the Track -
Alf Tupper, the runner know as the Tough of the Track, was running in an international 1500 metres race in London. While his pal, Flapper Farmer ,was winning, Alf wasn’t doing well at all…….


The Boyhood of Lester Pigot *


Smash and Grab -
One night in May 1944. During the Seconds World War, commando Burt Hulton, known in civilian life as “The Human Fly” because of his climbing feats, landed on the shore of Northern France, with him was Pierre Lantrec, a French resistance worker. Above them towered a sheer cliff surmounted by a massive fortress.


The Demon Bowler of Toowoomba –
In the early part of this century, Johnny Gillard was the skipper of Paddington Cricket Club of Sydney. The team often went on tour to some of the more remote parts of Australia and one of those tours took them to Toowoomba in Queensland, where they played the local cricket team….


Cecil the Stone-Age Scrapper –
Cecil;, the caveman whom Pete Pringle had found frozen in a block of ice in Alaska, was now the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. He was visiting a fair in New York, accompanied by Pete and some reporters on the look out for a story. As Cecil was about to test his strength he was spotted by Noel Nathan who ran a boxing booth…..


The Second Chance Champion -
For three years Jack Hill had dreamed of becoming a top racing driver, and after many minor successes he was at last given a trial for the famous Cougar Racing Team. In the race for the Grimstone Trophy, to be held at the Grimstone track. In the practice the day before the race, he was approaching Morgan’s Bend when he saw coming up behind him the red car of the ace Cougar’s driver, Kit Parkes, and the blue Vixen of Barney Osler, the leading driver of the rival team.






Are You a hawk-eye –
See how many of these objects you can spot when you are on holiday.


Puzzle Away a Rainy Day


Olympic Oddities


Is it cricket -
Strange but true stories about cricket


Young Ben ( written story)


Sports Car Parade


The Radar Raiders ( game)


*Victor Trivia* Lester Pigot's story was first published in the Victor in issue No1

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