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No 7 Summer Special Published 1973

Price of Summer Special when first published 10 pence


Picture Stories


Cover Story –
Corsair Attack.


The Tough of the Track –
Alf Tupper, the runner known as the Tough of the Track, was having a camping holiday in Yorkshire before the big athletics meeting a Northcastle where the British International team would be chosen.


Corsair Attack -
On August 9th 1945 during the Second World War, a flight of four Corsairs took off from H.M.S Formidable to attack Japanese destroyers at Onagawa Wan in Japan. In the lead was Lieutenant Robert A Gray of the Royal Canadian Navy


Lord of the Yukon -
Corporal Guizot of the North West Mounted Police had problems in keeping law and order in Fortymile District in the early days of the Yukon gold rush. One was the Slippery Sam gang, which operated from the safety or Whoop-Up Camp on the United states side of the border. Another was Eustace “Thumbs” Lord, an accident prone Mountie newly posted to Guizot’s under-strength detachment. Now, upriver from the Mountie post, some prospectors were under attack from Stick Indians.


Tall tales form toad In the Hole –
In olden days each village had a man whose job it was to patrol all through the night, calling out the time and reassuring the villagers all was well. In the village of Toad-In-The-Hole which is three hundred years behind the times there is still a night watchman.


Morgyn The Mighty -
Morgyn the Mighty. The world’s strongest man, was making his way through the jungle when he heard an unusual banging noise and went to investigate.


Is It Cricket –|
It was the night of Colonel Clutterbuck’s annual regimental reunion and, on a night when famous victories were being remembered, what more natural than that the Colonel should regale his old comrades with this story of Little Puddington’s triumph on the battlefields at lord’s in the All-England Village Cricket Championship.


The End of the Degen –
During the Second World War, the German battle –cruiser Degen raided Allied convoys in the Atlantic for nearly a year. After a successful foray, she was making for the German-held French port of Brest when she was spotted and attacked by a squadron of motor torpedo boats. In the forefront of the attack was the boat commanded by Lieutenant “Killer” Kennedy with Sub-Lieutenant Bill Doyle as his second in command..


The Red MacGregor –|
When the MacGregor clan was outlawed In the 18th century, one of its most hunted members was Red MacGregor, famed for his daring feats against the Redcoats. One day, he came across a busy scene in a small village in the mountains.


The Ruffles and the Tuffles -


Charlie the Tester –
Private Charlie Wright was the tester of all inventions invented by the scientists at the Military Research Centre at Barmborough. Being a soldier, he was expected to obey orders at all times, especially those of Watson-Smythe, the civil servant in charge of Charlie.




Gone Fishing –
Strange ways to fish throughout the world.


Summer Sports Quiz


Puzzle away a rainy day


How to make it –
Don’t worry if it’s raining on your holiday – you can have hours of fun making these simple toys. Then you’ll have a great time playing with them.


Uncle Bonzo’s Flying Tandem (written story)


Odd Inventions –
In real life there have been some strange inventions through the years. Each of the contraptions shown here was actually made and used.


Death to the Big Ships


The Great Victor Air Race – (Game)


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