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No 8 Summer Special Published 1974

Price of Summer Special when first published 12pence


Picture Stories Page
Action in the Desert! See the Shark Squadron inside!
The Tough of the Track -
Alf Tupper, the runner know as the Tough of the track was out training along the towpath of the Greystone canal.


Summer Sports Quiz - 5
The Pint Sized Commando -
In 1941, during the Second World War, Boy Buglar Billy Martin found himself based at Bickerton Camp - a training camp for Marine Commandos in Southern England. but fifteen-year-old Billy, probably the smallest burglar in the history of the Royal Marine Corps, was not happy with his lot...
Morgyn The Mighty -
Morgyn the Mighty, the strongest man in the world, was traveling through the mysterious country of Goz, which was situated to the North of India. suddenly a ferocious tiger launched itself at him from the nearby jungle -
Puzzle Away A Rainy Day - 10
Are You A Hawk Eye?
Spot objects while on holiday.
Meet ze strongest, bravest and most modest bandit een ze west -
Add Only Water! -
During a school visit to a factory, young Johny Dale had fallen into a special powder used for the dehydration of food - with the amazing result that he might at any time shrink till he was only a few inches in height. Only water could then return him to normal. Now Johny was exercising a friend's dog.....
Shark Squadron -
After the Battle of El Alamein in October 1942, during the Second World War, the British 8th Army began to push the Germans out of North Africa. The R.A.F. lent great support and one of their most feared units was the 112 Squadron, known as Shark Squadron because the noses of their Kittyhawks were painted ot resemble killer sharks. One morning as two planes were on patrol.....
Is It Cricket? -
When the circus came to Little Pudlington and established itself in a field next to the cricket ground, a charity match between the village team and the circus performers was arranged, in aid of the local cottage hospital. On Sunday afternoon, Sid Crocker, captain of the Little Pudlington team tossed up against Henry Wilson, ringmaster of the circus.......
The Country Cuzzins
Those happy cuzzins just love to zzzzzzzzzzzz
Killer Kennedy R.N. -
During the Second World War, Lieutenant-Commander "Killer" Kennedy commanded a motor torpedo boat with Sub-Lieutenant Bill Doyle as his second-in-command. One of their missions was to pick up a secret agent from Norway, but when they arrived off the Norwegian coast, one evening, they found the agent in trouble.....
Today's Fighting Ships 23
Kenny Carters Kayo Kids -
The story of Kenny Carter who runs the Kayo Boxing Club-
The Bare-Knuckle Boys -
The story of boxing in the 1700's
A Fine Day For A Run
Sixteen year old Neil Young was looking forward to a nice, relaxing, camping holiday on the shores of Loch Drummie in the Highlands of Scotland. Neil was prepared to let his friends, Dennis Kin and Stewart Anderson do the energetic sports like climbing and sailing as long as he himself was left in peace.......
Trans Africa Rally
Board Game

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