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No 9 Summer Special Published 1976

Price of Summer Special when first published 18 pence


Picture Stories Page
The Tough of the Track -
Alf Tupper, the runner know as the Tough of the track was heading for the holiday town of Portsea where he was to take part in an invitation mile race. Alf was using the journey as a training run.......
Figaro! -
Figaro ze bandit's out for the loot - but he just gets ze order of ze boot!
A Man Called Vassilios -
In July 1943 during the Second World War, Gunner D.C. Perkins a New Zealander was landing in German occupied Crete. Perkins had escaped from the island only a year before and now, after a course in sabotage and guerilla warfare he was returning to hel pa British agent, Major Fielding.
The Knight Of The Hammer -
Serving the good causes of a society of knight errants, former blacksmith Sir Chell Puddock and his squire, Jack Jinks, were journeying to London when they encountered a strangely mounted adversary.
When Knight Were Bold -
Famous medieval sorties of knights
A Lesson For The Hun -
During the First World War a favourite target for the German raiding parties was the Uganda railway, which run through British East Africa near the border with German territory. A passenger on this line on one occasion was white hunter Saul Sands accompanied by his educated gun-bearer, Fundi.
The Big Game Boys -
Stories of Big Game Hunters
Sammy Stops The Clock -
In 1895 the late, great W.C. Grieg broke the clock above the Westshire County Cricket Club pavilion with a mighty six hit, a feat never repeated despite the fact that Greig left 10,000 pounds in his will to the next man to do it.
Tubby's Two-Ton Terror -
Private "Tubby" Entwhistle was having a fairly peaceful time fighting the Japs in Burma during the Second World War....until he was adopted by a baby elephant. From then on his deadliest enemies weren't the Japs, but the officers and N.C.O's of his own unit. It was the battalion's rest day and peace perfect peace had settled on the camp.
Mascots if the Fighting Forces -
A strange selection of animals
Killer Kennedy R.N. -
A flotilla of three British motor torpedo boats, led by Lieutenant Commander "Killer" Kennedy had sighted German shipping of the coast of occupied Holland in 1943. Now they swept down on their prey a freighter escorted by two E-boats.
Puzzle Away A Rainy Day 23
Morgyn The Mighty -
Morgyn The Mighty, the strongest man in the world was traveling through the dense Burmese jungle when he saw a native boy being attacked by a python. Morgyn went to his rescue.
Summer Sports Quiz 28
An Iron Cross For Braddock -
Sergeant Matt Braddock V.C., Britain's greatest pilot of the Second World War, was taking part in a Spitfire strike against a German-held river bridge in the Western Desert in 1943.
Cattle Drive -
Board Game

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