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No 14 Summer Special Published 1980

Price of Summer Special when first published 28 pence


Picture Stories Page
The Swooping Vengeance
The Tough of the Track -
Alf Tupper, the famous runner know as the Tough of the track was only too pleased to accept an invitation from his old pal, Fred Parker, to run in the Danebury Sports, but when he approached the stadium.....


Alf Tupper's Olympic Quiz - 5
Broadie's Private Plane -
Wing Commander Harry Broadhurst, nicknamed "Broadie", was flying his hurricane over the French beaches at Dunkirk in 1940 during World war II when suddenly-
Morgyn The Mighty -
Morgyn the Mighty, the world strongest man, was in a remote African jungle acting as a guide for a scientific expedition. now in the early morning, morgyn was scouting out a route while the others struck camp. suddenly-
Puzzle Away A Rainy Day - 10
Joe Bones The Human Fly
During the Second world War, when a British spy disappeared in the mountains of Austria near the Swiss border with the blueprints of a German secret weapon, two men were sent to find him. they were Lord Plimpton, a Government agent and Joe Bones, the scruffiest soldier but the best climber in Britain...
Even his gang hold him up? so the readers can see how famous he is!
Scramble -
Two page picture showing a sneak German raid over a British airfield during World War II.
The Hammer Man -
Former blacksmith Baron Chell Puddock and his friend, Sir Jack Jinks, were in France helping Henry the Fifth in his war against the French. The king, who did not always appreciate their help was giving them orders.
Pedal Power -
Strange bikes from the past and present.
The Swooping Vengeance -
Early in 1942, during World War II, a Bristol Blenheim bomber was flying over Norway on a special mission, testing out a secret new aerial camera under operational conditions. On board was the camera's inventor, Professor Wallace Baker, a brilliant scientist. But over the Norwegian Coast, the Blenheim was attacked by two Messerschmitt 109's.
Summer Sports Quizi - 23
The British Tommy -
This is the true story of how the British Tommy got his name. in July 1843, the Duke of Wellington, then 74 years old, but Commander in Chief of the Army for life was visited at Walmer Castle by a young staff officer from the War Office...
Rulers of the Sky -
Modern planes.
The Ghost from the Future -
Jason Barrett was writing a book about a strange place names that were somehow connected with death. Now he was on the trail of an old mystery -
The Victor Grand Prix
Board Game


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